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Our once-great empire has reached a perilous crossroads; from here, history could unfold either for good or for evil. Glimpses of our ever-shifting fates will be revealed to us in the conflicting visions of two rival prophets... let us pray that it is not too late for us to decide which form our future will take.

REIGN OF SIN and RULE OF VIRTUE are are two faces of the same coin: a brand new two-deck playing card set loosely based on the Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues, handpainted by fantasy artist Wylie Beckert, creator of the Wicked Kingdom deck.

The cards (like our destinies) are still in the making; the complete, playable poker decks will be released via Kickstarter sometime in 2018. Check back soon for updates; or, to receive an email when the deck is available for purchase, join the mailing list.

about the decks

Early playing card concepts: the kings and queens of Pride and Humility.

Reign of Sin & Rule of Virtue reaches beyond the expected with painstakingly illustrated courts, card backs, and aces. Hand-drawn artwork, custom pips, and unique layouts throughout will make for a pair of card decks unlike any other.

You won't find any copy-pasted, awkwardly cropped torsos here - instead, Reign of Sin deviates from traditional playing card convention with full-body, dual-identity royals entangled in sinful and virtuous dealings. You may notice some faces in common between the two decks, though - a reminder that our destinies are ever-changing, shaped by the paths we choose to travel.

Curious about the origins of these characters? The parallel dark-and-light stories of the suits will be revealed in the gallery as each card is completed...

about the artist / support the project

Playing card art by Wylie Beckert - ©2015 Wylie Beckert

I'm Wylie Beckert, the lone paintbrush behind Reign of Sin & Rule of Virtue. My playing card projects are creator-owned, one-woman efforts made possible entirely by the continuing support of my amazing patrons, backers, and fans.

Want to help Reign of Sin & Rule of Virtue see the light of day? A few bucks on Patreon will make all the difference! Supporters also get bonus perks like in-depth process tutorials (check out a sample HERE) and early access to new content. You can also buy prints, original art, and Wicked Kingdom merch in my shop. All proceeds go towards keeping the ideas fresh and the lights on... and making the next deck a reality!

You can find more of my art & past projects in my portfolio at Questions? Email me at [email protected]. You can also follow my art on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Playing card art by Wylie Beckert - ©2015 Wylie Beckert